domingo, 16 de outubro de 2011

Carta para a Host Family

Oiii pessoal,

Enquanto não fico on, como já publiquei meu video eu vou aproveitar e mostrar para vocês como ficou minha carta!!!
Eu ia escrevendo tudo que vinha na minha cabeça e depois fui arrumando, primeiro em português e depois passei para o ingles, LOGICO, que minha professora de ingês corrigiu bastante coisa e como ela já morou 12 anos em USA, ela deu a opinião falando que havia gostado, espero que a host family goste também!!!
Na carta eu escrevi um pouco sobre eu e minha familia, onde eu morava, como é minha cidade, meus hobbies, o que faço no tempo livre, minha experiencias com crianças, o porque eu escolhi ser au pair e o que pretendo indo para lá.

Bem vou mostrar ela ai para vocês:

Hi Host Family!!!

First of all I would like to thank you for your interest in my profile. Well, now I would like to talk a little about myself. My name is Livia Cardoso, but my friends and family call me Li. I am twenty three years old. I live with my parents and I have two older brothers, both married with children. They have two boys and a girl, who I babysit over the weekends. I always help my parents with the house chores and cooking.
I live in Limeira, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, with about 300,000 people and it is only an hour and a half from the capital. It’s a pleasant middle size town, with large industries, multinational companies and universities. The climate is tropical of altitude, with a long warm and humid summers and a short cool and dry winter. I have a degree in a Tourism course, from the Methodist University of Piracicaba. I'm outgoing, responsible, loving, organized, attentive, helpful and creative.
My family is very united and very large, with several uncles, and cousins, always helping each other. Family is very important to me; we must be very close and growing in respect and understanding of each other. I have a driver's license, and I’ve been driving for five years, and I drive every day in highways and I’ve never had a car accident and not even a fine.
I am a very communicative person and I can make friends easily, and I’ve been friends of some people for more than 12 years and I think this is very important. I like playing outdoors, go out with my friends, going to the movies, theater, museums, staying with family events such as barbecues, travelling, see new places, new cultures, etc. I love swimming, playing in the water, cooking for my family and friends, reading books, dancing, walking in parks, playing ball games, photographing, paintings, crafting, playing musical instruments and playing soccer like every Brazilian does.
My experiences with children were:
In 2009 I took care of a cousin for nine months- from the fifth to the thirteenth month of age. During this time I took care of her for six hours a day, five times a week. I bathed her, gave her a bottle, changed her clothes and took her for walks, stimulated the motor coordination through games, recreational classes, and when older I gave her baby food. At college I learned how to play indoor and outdoor games that encourage children both in the mental and physical development. It was a unique experience with a child this age, seeing her to develop, grow, and learn little tricks. These things were very rewarding and helped me to develop patience and responsibility.
In 2010 a woman hired me to babysit her son 6 years old in the mornings. I was responsible for waking him up, bathe and making him breakfast. I also helped him with homework, played with him, prepared him lunch and took him to school. It was very rewarding to see how happy he was when I helped him, told him stories and played games with him and I learned a lot as well because we all can learn with children. This experience helped me to value work even more because it has lots of responsibility when dealing with innocent and defenseless little people.
In addition to this experience I had the pleasure to be a volunteer in an orphanage where I went occasionally I played games with some boys, and I became affectionate with each one of them. The thing that they needed the most was my attention because loneliness was part of their broken lives.
Because I like so much children and I had all these experiences, when I was looking for an exchange program I learned about the au pair program and immediately I knew that it would be perfect for me. The program will develop my English, teach me new things from other culture, and of course more experience with children.
In Brazil we already have many American ways of doing things. We took this from movies, TV series where American lifestyle and the reality of American family are well presented. Watching shows from Discovery Home and Heath made me more fascinated with American culture, and its patriotism. I’m ready and a bit anxious to experience the American lifestyle and I’m determined to adapt to the culture, to new things like the climate and to speak English all day long. I’m sure that this year that I’ll be there in US will be very profitable for my life and I hope that it would be also with the family that I’ll be working with.
I hope this letter could tell you who I am and if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me or even call me on Skype.

Sincerely yours,


Agora o proximo post é só quando eu estiver online!!



4 comentários:

  1. Ficou muito legal sua carta!!

    Eu não falei que não ia mais ficar
    lendo blogs de Au Pair? kkkkk
    A culpa é do tempo! Tah chovendo muito
    aki e eu não posso sair, então só me
    resta ficar na net! kkkk

    Ah, eu eskeci de te falar minha mãe e meu
    pai tem primos e tias que moram aí, mais eu
    não conheço, é que a família é enooorme rs

  2. que legal Lívia!!
    Mega impotante este tb!!

  3. Oi Livia,

    Sua carta ficou boa.

    E sorte para ficar online.


  4. Oi Livia,

    Apareceu uma familia no começo desse mês, mas como eu estava insegura eu dispensei e até agora não apareceu nenhuma.... :(

    Vc está em qual agência? E quando vc entregou seu app?